Where'd you get your curls?

I got mine from my dad's side, everybody has curly hair. The rest of my family has stick straight hair. It's funny sometimes I get jealous of their hair, and they of mine. But I love my hair and secretly wouldn't change them. What side did you gals get yours?


  • strssmnkystrssmnky Registered Users Posts: 51
    I got my curls from my dad who got his from his dad. My mom's side all has stick straight hair and even my dad's mom and her family had straight hair. My cousin on my dad's side has thin, straight, blonde hair whereas I have very thick, curly red hair. To look at pictures of us as kids you couldn't tell we were related.
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  • aliquotaliquot Registered Users Posts: 227
    My mum has the wavies and my dadoo had the curlies so, technically, both! I am full blown so I got a curly gene from both of them.
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  • RacerWife7RacerWife7 Registered Users Posts: 895 Curl Novice
    My Mom, my Grandmother, and my Great Grandmother ALL have/had curls. So, it runs heavily on my maternal side of the family. Incidentally, my sister's hair is stick-straight. I guess she got my Dad's family hair. ;)
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  • kimmiisankimmiisan Registered Users Posts: 46
    My Mum and Dad both have cuuurls. My Dad's hair is almost afro-like when he lets it grow.. my Mum's is slightly less curly than mine.
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  • KeLynnKeLynn Registered Users Posts: 182
    From my medication ;-)

    I didn't get waves until I went on aldactone. I take it to even out some hormonal wonkiness, so I guess really it's getting my hormones back to where they "should" be. My mom has cherub-y curls so I probably get it from here. Hard to say what the rest of my maternal family's hair is like....I'm pretty sure they all flatiron it.
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  • MelyBMelyB Registered Users Posts: 32
    My dad has wavy and my mom has curly. I am stuck with wurly hair. My sister has stick straight hair though. lol

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  • Curlee'smomCurlee'smom Registered Users Posts: 81
    I think from both of my parents. They are quite old...they got married late. My dad has always had short, short hair. But when it is "long," he starts to get little curls at the nape of his neck.

    My mother had beautiful curly auburn hair. It was just lovely. But when I knew her, she had short, short hair that she set all the time. 50s style you know...

    My one brother has wiry strange hair if it grows long and my other brother gets big curls and in the 70s they all had bushes on their heads. They both keep it very short now.

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