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Hey guys Im new here( Im male btw) but I have about 3 inches of curly hair and I was wondering how I could get it like this:


  • Tank10Tank10 Registered Users Posts: 119
    The pix was not that clear but its either big curls or twist not sure
  • somethingelsesomethingelse Registered Users Posts: 75
    hmmmm, it is kind of difficult for me to make out the guy's hair in the photo. do you have any other pics of what you're aimming for? ^_^
    products: after everything I've tried & loved, I'm now down to just using yes to carrots conditioner. i actually just rub it on my hair while dry, get my hair moisted up with just that, then carefully finger comb/seperate sections of my hair (takes about 15-20 minutes). after that, i hope in the shower, let the water hit and shake-rinse my hair and massage my scalp. once out, i simple let my hair air dry. every now and then, i'll use a diffuser.

    btw, pardon my all lower case. i just love 'em.
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    Seems like dude is trying to hide from camera.

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