Hi Im new here!! Hair cut question/confusion

Okay so 10 years I had alopecia totalis. Once my hair came back in I never permed it again. I have been wearing a short natural curly/kinky fro, I usually keep it rather close cut via a barber because a) Im lazy and b) im lazy. I do have a nice grade of curly/kinky that by week 3 or 4 it looks really nice and semi wavvy. Question: am growing my hair longer now. Should I/Can I continue to let my barber cut my hair? he does a great job and i only get it cut every 8 -10 weeks OR should I opt to start going to a salon for a stylist? Did I also mention that my barber only charges me $15 which I guess makes me cheap AND lazy!! :-) I love my wet it and ****etabout it hair bu Im ready to see what my hair can really do.

Does it really matter? I have healthy hair that I can shanpoo and condition on my own rather well - just don't know if continuing to go to my barber is the best for me if I want to transision to longer locks?

P.S. I'm black and keep my hair about two inches in a cute wavvy/curly pattern with a leave in conditioner and a finger massage.


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