Has anyone ever had to take a skills test for a job?

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I have to take a skills test tomorrow for Windows XP, letter writing, mathematics and cognitive skills. There will also be a personality test. I am really nervous about the Windows test because I have no idea what to expect.

Has anyone ever taken anyone of these tests for a job?
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    I took a computer class in college in which we were tested on Windows XP. The test was a simulated version of Windows. The way it worked was, you had a set amount of time to perform a number of tasks. You only got two tries to get the answer right, so if you clicked on the wrong icon the first time you had one more chance. IIRC, we had to do things like drag and drop, create a new folder, stuff like that.

    You could try using the Help and Support Center to brush up on some of the basic functions, if you think you should review. It's on your Start Menu.
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    I've taken skills tests, just not Windows... mine were all Creative Suite/ graphics programs but they functioned basically the same way... making sure you knew your way around the system. Doing sample ads, etc.

    I've done a few personality tests too, they weren't a big deal at all. Very obvious as to which answers they'd WANT you to put. Things like "On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to take directions well?" and what not.
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