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hey guys :compress: i have a few things ive been wanting to bring up so i figured i'd just put it all into one thread.

1. natural hair care is something i'd love to get advice about. i guess im sort of hippie like when it comes to hair care and i'd like to use natural products and create my own conditioners and such. any ideas about what could be used to get more shine/ softness in my hair?

2. im growing out a little bit, but i think as a result of growing out my hair has gotten a lot poofier/ thicker recently. its made me feel a lot more insecure and i dont know how to fix it without ruining my curls. how to i tone down the poof and thickness?

3. this is just really bugging me- I was telling my straight haired friends about some of my hair problems yesterday and they told me to stop complaining, and that some people would give anything for my hair. dont get me wrong, i love my curls, but i do get frustrated with them! i hate how whenever i try to express it to them, they get angry. yet they will complain about their hair too. its not like i complain about it frequently either...

4 lastly, it seems like every girl at my school has either grown out her side bangs or chopped them into full bangs. are side bangs going out of style? i feel like im one of the few who still has mine. i was thinking full bangs might be weird with curly hair like mine. i tried growing mine out last year and it didnt work well for me (though, strangely i feel like i could handle them better now) should i keep my side bangs, chop them, or grow them out?


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    okay, you had a lot of stuff there, but i'm just gonna try to piece it together hahah :P

    1. I use burt's bees pomegranate shampoo and conditioner. It's expensive, but i dont think they do animal testing and it makes you hair smell REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY nice and fruity :) i guess you could say it's working for me - i haven't had too much of a frizz problem.

    2. It depends on how long your hair is. For me, it got less poofy/frizzy once it got past shoulder length. You might want to try maybe a lot of conditioner. It'll make your hair shinier and get rid of that frizz problem.

    3. Can't help you there hahahah! All I got to say is just be happy that you have curly hair and they don't. Remember, you can always straighten curly hair, but if you try curling straight hair it looks even more artificial!

    4. I kind of have bangs and they get in my eyes a lot :( But if you really like your side bangs, keep them, whether they're in style or not.

    miss etincelle?
    former dreadhead and now a curly girl! :mrgreen:
    type 3b/brunette
    trying to grow my hair to at least bsl, but no longer than wl
    now on cg and seeing how it's working so far :)

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