I'm on the road to veterinarian school

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So i'm planning to attend vet school in fall 2012 (paws crossed). Right now i'm studying for the GRE. My question is have anyone taken the GRE? All my friends are or have taken the MCAT, so they no help. I have been studying the best way i can. ie: studying big words i will never use in real life and going over math i do not remember learning in middle school. is this the best method? if anyone has taken this test, or even current vets out there, any useful info would be great. Thanks!


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    I took the GRE via computer, not the paper based one. I highly, strongly, and urgently recommend you get the software and book. I studied for 2 hours every day after work and having the actual software and being able to take test exams was BEYOND helpful.
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    The GRE, in my opinion, is just a slightly-more-difficult version of the SAT. I think the studying method that's best is different for everyone.

    I had some software that provided practice tests and some cute little vocab games, and I think I had a book, too. The math was all stuff I knew and just needed a bit of a refresher, so the practice tests were fine for me.

    But you should probably ignore everything I said. I mixed up the date I had scheduled it, and when I went to re-schedule they told me it would be a $100 fee or something, so I thought "screw that" and studied for a couple days with the practice tests then took it and did fine. I also didn't realize until the day before that the logic section of the test, which used to be a multiple choice section years ago, had just recently switched to a writing test. However, I'm one of those people that's just plain good at standardized tests for no particular reason.
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    I agree, the GRE is just like the SATs, but with harder math.

    The computer system is odd, and disconcerting because it adjusts to your answers and gives you easier questions if you get answers wrong, and harder ones if you get them right. My verbal questions kept getting easier and easier at one point, I was about to a state of panic, lol. I ended up getting a 630 verbal (I think) in spite of this which was sufficient as far as engineering grad programs were concerned.

    I don't even remember what I got on the writing section. It was high enough that I was clearly competent, which again was enough for a science/engineering program.

    I got a 780 on the math because I ran out of time and had to just choose random answers for the last two or three questions. That is my usual downfall on standardized tests, that I'm just a hair too slow at answering the questions.
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    thanks everyone for your input.

    i am not a good standernize test taker. when it comes to test that can determine my future i get totally freaked out:crybaby:. I am way more relaxed when it comes to my field of study (biology and chemistry) But i'm already wiggin out! I was going over some math problems and they begin to look like latin or something! the numbers were no longer numbers! some stuff is coming back to me from way back when, but other stuff i now i use to know, but is just hiding in the far reaches of my brain.

    i'm going to go breath now. thanks again!
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    I'm studying for it right now. I was supposed to have taken it yesterday, but I wasn't able to get much math studying in, so I rescheduled it until May. I've never the taken the SAT, so I can't comment on the similarity between the two. I've been using this website for the vocab:

    The GRE Test - Prepare for the GRE with Practice Questions, Tutorials, and Practice Exams

    It has a bunch of practice questions and exams, and a really good vocabulary tutor. If you're looking for specific prep books, I've heard that Barrons and Princeton review are good. A lot of people used Kaplan, but when I used Kaplan for the GRE subject test I wrote, I found that the practice tests in the book were not an accurate reflection of what the test actually was like. Just something to keep in mind.

    I have friends who've recently taken it and they said that the most important thing to do is to go slowly at first and make sure you're answering the beginning easy questions correctly, as that will boost your score. The computer-adaptive test process is weird, but it's imperative that you know how it works. I recommend that you download the GRE software from ETS because those practice tests simulate the actual CAT process.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine! Just don't psych yourself out about it.
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    OMG!!!! love the website, thanks so much. good luck on the test. let me know how it goes.

    now i shall hit the books:book:

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