Period and Birth Control Question

RawrSallyRawrSally Posts: 1,388Registered Users
Okay, so I'm completely freaking out. I'm on my first day of my period after my first month of taking the generic brand of Yasmin, Ocella. This might be TMI, but I had a large chunk [probably 2-3 inches] of what looked like tissue come out. This has never happened to me before, and I just want to know whether or not it's serious.


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    Like a huge glob of blood? If so, yes. Actually, the whole premise of birth control is to fool the body into thinking its already pregnant. The endometrium of your uterus in being primed with lots of hormones at levels not normally created by you. Anyway, when the endometrium sloughs off (your period), this can occur from a thick layer of endometrium sloughing off. There are some people even without BC that have periods like that. I'm not saying this is going to be a regular thing for you, but it's not abnormal.
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    it's probably just a big blood clot. they're nasty-looking.
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    I've had things like that happen. Birth control lessened the frequency.
  • kenzie!kenzie! Posts: 5,055Registered Users
    Some forms of birth control work by more-or-less forming a mucus plug over your cervix, because they trick your body into thinking it's pregnant. That might be your mucus plug dropping out. (Usually it drains out slowly with the rest of your period)

    It could be a blood clot as well, but if it's 2-3 inches I doubt it. You would've had cramps so bad you couldn't stand up if that was the case.
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  • RawrSallyRawrSally Posts: 1,388Registered Users
    Thanks everyone. I think it had to do with my period coming later than normal because of the birth control.

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