Cleansing Conditioners - reviews!

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As requested :D

Thought it would be a good idea for people to put up little reviews of cleansing conditioners (and non-sulphate shampoos/low-poos) so people can compare them all in one thread. :)

I've only used one so far lol - so here's mine. Hopefully others will chime in with their own take on the same products and adding new ones :)

CURL JUNKIE DAILY FIX- Cleansing Conditioner


-it has a fresh, clean, peppermint smell (very subtle, sometimes minty products can irritate my scalp - this doesn't at all)

-its particularly good for removing hard water build up and product build up

-its highly concentrated - so a 12oz bottles lasts a long time

-its extremely moisturizing - some people find they don't need to use a conditioner after cleansing with Daily Fix

-its not at all stripping or drying - I've not experienced any loss of curl after using Daily Fix


-some people find it hard to distribute (I personally don't) - but it definitely does take practice. I apply dime size amount on my crown (emulsified in my hands with some water), letting some more water from the shower help it to distribute further down through my hair, and another dime size amount around the nape of my hair (again adding water). I continue scrubbing as I stand under the shower to rinse it all out. Even though its concentrated - don't be scared to use a good decent amount. I started off using teeny tiny amounts and it didn't get my hair clean - everyone's different.

-its one of the more expensive cleansing conditioners (however - I find a bottle lasts a long long time)

-it doesn't lather (I put this in because some people like there to be a lather when they wash their hair - it personally doesn't bother me at all)

-Marsha does warn that some curlies may get over-conditioned if Daily Fix is used more than once a week (the name is little misleading lol) - but some curlies report using it 4 or more times a week just fine - so it's all trial and error :)

-its very thick which makes it very difficult to get out of the bottle.

Personally the con's aren't things that I have issues with (well apart from getting it out the bottle - but that won't stop me from buying it lol). I would highly recommend this cleansing conditioner to anyone - even if it's just to rotate it with a cheaper cleanser because I think it is a wonderful product. I suffer from bad itchiness and build up due to the hard water where I am and this sorts it out every time :)

9/10 (I deducted one point just because it might be too moisturizing to use as regularly as I would like! :) )

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