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I was at the dentist yesterday, and while I was waiting, I flipped through a couple of magazines. I actually don't quite remember if it was People or OK! (I read so many of the magazines, I don't even remember)...

But anyway, towards the end of the magazine, they showed some pictures of different hairstyles that celebrities are wearing. There was a picture of Thandie Newton - one with her hair in a very pretty, curly bob. The other was some type of dressed up ponytail, and her hair was straight. Under the curly picture, it said "Fun" (or something to that extent) and under the straight picture, it said "Sophisticated". :roll: There were a couple of other pictures like this on the same page, but I don't really remember them.

It's good that they're recognizing curly hair as something that's pretty, but saying that curly is fun, and straight is sophisticated is kind of annoying.


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    Yep. And we curly's wonder why we can feel so insecure sometimes? We've been conditioned and told that our entire lives!
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