Donna Marie Conditioner-hard time finding a LOT of info on this.

I mostly just hear about her Curling Gelly. I've already decided to give her shampoo a go, but the few videos or whatever I see on this conditioner are either "it's sooooo awesome!" or "so what?".

Also, those who have tried her Curl Cream, how does it compare to CCCC Lite? Don't wanna buy stuff I have to get online if the stuff I can get in stores is just as good (Whole Foods right near by for KCCC and Knot Today--want a richer more instant detangle though)

KCCC is my all time favorite styler, but don't wanna give up on cream! CCCC lite makes me look good day one when I can tolerate the smell, but after that, the jig is up. KCCC I can even sleep on my hair crunchy and re-wet in the morning!
Mostly relaxed, yet still curly hair, which I am going to try to grow out with daily conditioner rinses and a shampoo once or twice a week.

Officially Transitioning since March 2011.
Last Relaxer September 2010

Got some kind of curly bangs going here! And I think my bangs are all natural!

I think that my natural hair is somewhere between a 3b and a 3c, I hope it's not too soon to tell! :blob4:

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