Free Kenra sample from CurlMart

TxCurly0820TxCurly0820 Posts: 39Registered Users
I tried out the free sample of the Kenra straightening gel this weekend... Honestly I don't think I will use the rest of it or repurchase it. With it being a gel, it gives my hair and straw like feeling when it is dry. You can definitely tell that there is product in my hair, but I will say that my hair looked good while using it. One of the things I enjoy about wearing my hair straight is being able to touch it and run my fingers through it, and this product made me not care to do that because I was always left with sticky hands :(

Keep an eye out on the swap board if you want to try it, I think I may put it on there soon.


  • Bridal.WreathBridal.Wreath Posts: 65Registered Users
    I gave mine to my sister, who is always straightening her hair. I thought she would find more use for it than a person who never straightens her hair at all.
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