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Okay. somebody help im seriousy about to go back to perm my hair if I don’t get any help…besides I liked my curly-permed hair better…anyways long story short. I started transitioning for bout five months . hair started ooking extremely dry freezy ruff…my mom being my worst critic made me get a perm…well that’s wat I told her it was it was actually just for me texture softener..which I later found out was a mild perm. But it worked on my hair except the back and sides where it made it straight wavy..she left on to long…so its been a week after.. and basically my hair is going back to being extremely dry and ruff.. I tried dc..moisturizing. and leaving in cond.. pomade..gel..nothing seems to work.. I even finally realized what cg fully is and looked through all my products and took out all from my use the ones with cones..etc……..but it still doesn’t work…so ive been searching and found that I may be protein sensitive…..keep reading to next box

So basically if my hair is ps then itll be dry brittle..etc.. which it is I haven’t checked my products yet to see if they contain protein…but I bought vo5 moisture milks cond. Which I heard was good until I saw this one random post that said DON’T USE IT… any ways I really don’t want to buy any more products not like I can.. I already have a ton of products and im in highschool (still living with parents) and she made it clear she doesn’t want to buy anymore products, although I did ask her for money to buy coconut milk..and maybe olive hydrating crème (which my hair loved but I stop using cas it ran out so quick) I haven’t bought them yet and I really would like opinions asap b4 spending anymore unnecessary money.

do u think I maybe ps…whether yes or no PLZ HELP!!!.....keep reading lol
EVERDAY I wake up eat cereal take half a vitamin then at school I eat peanut butter crackers (real pb) then eat a chewy bar…then around lunch I always eat a burrito and hot chips (no drink) then when I get home I usually eat snacks or fix my self a salami sandwhich and chips…then at dinner we usally eat a type of meat every night unless I cook then its pasta…ive always had low iron for some unknown reason.. products I have

Vo5 moisture milk cond. (ill use tomorrow in morning) just for me detangler..olive oil (with sunflower oil) moisturizer..tea tree oil..softee protein styling gel..proclaim crystal ice pomade..olive oil cholesterol cond..le klair cholesterol pluscond..castor oil..main and tail..lustrasiilk cholesterol cond..tressemme heat protectant..just for me hair milk styling gel..noodle head…shea butter leave in cond..garnier fructis sleek and shine ant-humidity smoothing crème…now I’ve stopped using all of these for about a week (def. the shea butter leave in…my hair didn’t like it) except the tea tree oil,castor oil,and the cholesterol conds. And softee gel and pomade I just used once…plz I know its a lot but im giving out all info. Cas im desperate for helppppp


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    Wow, so in all this . . you still have a chemical in your hair? Well that could be a reason your hair is dry and brittle . . ( from what I understood from your post ) you had a curly-perm . . then another perm, right?

    Sounds like your hair could be over processed and if that is the case, the QUICK solution to it, would be to cut your hair and transition and formulate a new regimen for your chemical free hair.
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    If I were as young as you are, I would cut off all my hair, and buy myself a nice wig for the prom. Start fresh before you get too old and self conscious to do so!
    Mostly relaxed, yet still curly hair, which I am going to try to grow out with daily conditioner rinses and a shampoo once or twice a week.

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    I think that my natural hair is somewhere between a 3b and a 3c, I hope it's not too soon to tell! :blob4:

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