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For more than a year I was modified cg. I used some peg cones in my cowash and non-sulfate shampoo once a week. About a month ago I decided to go strict cg. No more cones. I loved what it did for my hair. The problem is my hair no longer seems to tolerate my shampoos. In fact, my hair now hates shampoo. It dries the hell out of my hair and it causes tangles like crazy. And these are the same products I used before and didn't have that problem. It takes about two cowashes for my hair to recover. The thing is I can be prone to dandruff and I know periodic clarifying is good. Does anyone have advice on how to do both and never (or almost never) touch shampoo again.
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    Wet your hair, coat it with conditioner, and use a gentle low-poo on your roots (essentially on your scalp). Your hair will be protected from the drying effects of the low-poo.

    It would probably be a good idea to take a good look at the ingredients list on your low-poo. Some have no sulfate detergents, but a heap of non-sulfate detergents, which makes them harsh. The first one I tried was by Burt's Bees, and it was really rough on my hair. It contained a lot of different non-sulfate detergents, and they were high on the ingredients list.

    However, many people find that dandruff disappears when they only co-wash.

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    Maybe add some tea tree oil to your co-wash? I think I recall reading that it was good for preventing dandruff.

    I am still new, but have been doing the low-poo on the same day I plan to do a deep treatment, so I follow the low poo with the DT.

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    thanks for the responses. I have been using the teatree oil and that does help. Plus I think my scalp just needed some adjustment time because the dandruff problem is getting better.:king:
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    You might want to try baking soda scrubs and ACV rinses occasionally when you want to clarify. I find they do a great job of removing the "gunk," but they still leave my hair nice and soft and not stripped.
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