How can atl not have deva salons?

Hey y'all, I've been looking for a pro deva salon in atl with no luck. I've got an appoint scheduled but I can't find one review on the girl so I think I am going to cancel.

I hate to say it but for such big chitty our hair studios are lacking in cg ways


  • DarinaDarina Registered Users Posts: 71
    The Salon on Jett Ferry in Dunwoody, Georgia (United States)

    I live in Atl near that place. Melissa did my last Deva cut, it is great. They have 2 Deva stylists there. There is one recent negative review but they should've just come back and had it corrected, Melissa would've fixed it.
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  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Registered Users Posts: 1,657 Curl Neophyte
    You must not have looked here:
    Find a Salon | DevaConcepts

    I put in Atlanta and found several!
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  • GeorgiaBeansOwensGeorgiaBeansOwens Registered Users Posts: 4
    I did look there but found slot to be just retail stores. The only three I found were salon on jetty ferry, lux studio, and ambrosia. But ambrosia said they carey the products but don't do dry cuts. Lux is where I just csnceled because I can't find 1 review, . I just had a really great stylist ough of state that us all deba only so I'm netvois going any where new

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