Good Sydney Hairdresser Devechan Cut

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Dear All,

I've found a hairdresser in Sydney who will do a Devachan type haircut - she will cut it DRY and unbrushed / uncombed and try her damndest to understand and nuture your curls.

I have been going to her for a couple of years and today I took her the Curly Girl book (I've been doing the routine since 14 September 2002) and she understood what I was doing and has given me a fantastic cut.

She is meticulous in cutting my hair curl by curl, and all her patience is well worth it. It takes about an hour on my hair and for that she charges $45.00. I was in the salon for 1 hour 15 minutes today, I'm not sure how long that was cutting. The deal is I pay her for her time, not for the cut. If it takes half an hour, I pay for that, if it takes 1 hour, I pay for that. That way, she does not think she is being poorly paid for being meticulous with my hair.

I had not been to her in ages, and was thinking I needed to find a new hairdresser more in tune with my new CG Routine, but she was wonderful today. When I first went to her a few years ago, I begged her to cut it dry and she acquiesced. But as of today, after she has seen the results over the last few years and seen the Curly Girl book today, she is an Honourary Curly Girl as far as I'm concerned :-)

Her name is Angela and she owns Hairsentials at Shop 153, 313 Harris Street, Pyrmont, tel 9518 5999. She has a new cutter there who I met today, Tania, who is a curly girl herself and who watched every second of what Angela did to my hair today and loved it - I think Tania would like to have a go at it! Angela is wonderful, and will probably know what you mean if you say you've got curly hair and want it cut dry like Claire gets hers done.

Angela is a real straight talker - which I love because I can just say what I want and what I think and I can reason with her. It is a happy friendly neighbourhood salon as described in Curly Girl and she is happy to listen and talk and give advice.

Fiona, I think my bad hair for the last two weeks was because it was too LONG. After this cut, it has sprung back into Curly Girl curls, I think it was just too long and too old and the drought got to it - I had been gowing it out since I started CG and even before that.

Love and curls to you all,
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