has anyone else experianced this??

7nicole37nicole3 Registered Users Posts: 30
i dont know if its just me but iv noticed that since my hair has been growing out, my curl have becume more loose. i used to have 3a-3b curls, but now that my hair has grown about 3 inches my curls seem to be more like 2c-3a. i dont know if this is becuase of the lenght or mabey they are just changing. i just wanted to know if this has happened to any one else?
cant wait to grow it out!!


  • want2bcurlywant2bcurly Registered Users Posts: 97
    yep. i was 3aish, then the last two or more years a 2c 2b even. until i cut off my hair and it seems im back to a 3a but with very short hair it looks horrible. im trying so hard to grow it but i get so frustrated. my husband said it looks like when his grandma used to get a perm:( so yea, it changes at least my curls do.
  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    this happens to me too. i think its the weigh of the hair pulling on our curls.

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