"I love your curly should straighten it!&quo

(I spent more time trying to adjust that sentence to fit in the subject than writing the topic itself...that's kind of sad..XD)

Has anyone else gotten this "compliment" before? You know, like the quote says, where people compliment your hair on being pretty and curly, then say it would be a good be a good idea to straighten it. You know, making it NOT curly after saying that said curliness is EXACTLY what made it impressive in the first place? I get it all the time, and I swear I'm going to scream at the next person who asks me this. :x
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    That sucks. I think you should simply reply..."I'd rather not!" I don't think anything you say is going to make them understand ...really. I mean for me the real reason would be..I'm tired of fighting nature...I have curly hair and am tired of pretending that it's straight. Being a slave to the weather and spending hours preparing my hair...I just don't wanna do it anymore. I mean..I don't wear make-up much...because it makes me feel weird, I mean if I get a compliment I feel like it's on my make-up and not on my face. So in just about every other way...I am why should my hair be different? But explaining that to someone else would take too long and not really I just say "I'd rather not".
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    :roll: My first impulse and probable answer would be WHY did you waste your breath giving me such a left-handed compliment if you really feel I should straighten???" That would probably leave them flustered enough to retreat because they can't in their right mind say "because it would look better (on you)". You can also say: "I won't straighten it because:

    - ... that is the natural state of my hair and it's high time I wear it the wait it is"

    - ... I don't feel any longer like allowing hair fashion fads to dictate how I should wear my hair"

    - ...curly hair RULES! Did you know the great majority of women have some kind of wave or curl in their hair?

    - ...I LOVE MY CURLS!!! (the simplest one they can't argue against).

    And, if it's a woman who's in curl denial you should tell her "Perhaps you should stop frying your hair everyday and wear your hair natural, with luck you may look as good as I do!" :wink:

    After I started CG and went back to see my family a year later they thought I'd had a permanent, my mother was "alarmed" because she had believed me to have nearly straight hair most of my life, and I don't think her sisters liked it, when I did a roller set one day because my hair had really lost curl due to lightening I was very complimented. The next year I returned and my hair was longer, healthier and curlier and this time I resisted the convenience of a roller set and flaunted my curls everywhere, I had to use a cream with dimethicone but it was worth cheating a little bit, my younger sister who is at least a wavy told me that if she could have hair like mine she'd stop fussing with the blower. It's too bad I didn't have a chance to do her hair, I would've cone it CG style and maybe I would've converted her.
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    I got kind of the opposite from a coworker once-

    -Do you ever straighten your hair?

    -Umm, I relaxed it once and that turned me off of straight forever.

    -Really? Wow. (shocked) I wish I had curly hair.

    Err, then why would I straighten mine? Weird...
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    A few times I've been asked if my hair is "naturally" curly. I say "yes" and they almost look disappointed-like they expected me to say it's a perm or something. I don't get it.

    I don't think anyone goes around asking people with straight hair if their hair is naturally straight-why bother us curly haired girls (and guys!)

    I'm sure your hair looks fantastic curly-keep it that way :)

    Take care,
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    I get this all the time! I know the sayer usually means well, but something gets lost in translation there. XD One of the girls in my philosophy class once said, "You have such nice curly hair... You should straighten it so that everyone can see how nice it is!"


    I think she got the point after I started cracking up. :lol:
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    I get this a lot. I think it's just the wonder of how it would look straight. The people who say this really, really like my hair, I can tell - but they just want to see how straight it can get. It's kind of like a wonder for them :D

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    I get asked a lot if I've straightened it, but more so because people are just curious I think.

    Funny story:

    I was in the mall a week or so ago. I went into Bath and Body Works and was just poking around. An older gentleman came up to me and said "Excuse me?" I thought he was going to ask me for my input on a gift or fragrance. He said "I just want to tell you you have the most beautiful hair." I was so touched!! And then of course, leaving the mall not even a half hour later, I passed one of those straightening kiosks and the girl tried to get me to submit. I said "I like my hair curly." She looked at me like I was from Mars!! Some people will just never get it!