lemon juice, acidity, and the sun

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So I started using a mix of water, chamomile, lemon juice, and honey to lighten my hair. I apply it after I get out of the shower and then when the weather permits I try to dry my hair out in the sun. The results have been great and I haven't noticed any damage or drying of my hair.

I remembered reading on livecurlylivefree that lemon juice balances the ph balance of your hair and closes the cuticle after your hair gets wet in the shower (therefore being a good thing). But, after doing a general search about lemon juice's effect on hair using google, some people said that it opens up the cuticle while drying in the sun and the lemon juice burns the hair that way (being a bad thing).

So I feel rather confused because it seems that a lot of curlies recommend that adding lemon juice to your regimen is a good thing and really healthful for your hair, but then other (non curlies) seem to think it's really terrible.

What do you think?
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    here's the thing: lemon juice CAN be damaging, but if used properly, it doesn't hurt the hair at all. The people that report damaged hair, are the ones with dry hair, who also apply pure lemon juice and stay in the sun for a long time. The reason being, is that straight-haired people's hair, even when really dry, appears the same. Curly-headed people's hair when dry, responds in horrible frizz and pouf, so it gets treated, resulting in moisturized hair that can withstand a bit of lemon.You, on the other hand, probably don''t have insanely dry hair, and even if you do, it is of no importance because you are adding honey and chamomile tea, correct? Both honey and the tea have extremely amazing moisturizing powers, so no worries! But, if you are worried, add a bit of olive oil in the mix, for it has lightening properties too, but also moisturizes a lot.
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    I've used sun in before by accident... long story but I'm wondering if I could use lemon juice and olive oil and a blow dryer? would that give me the lightening effects I'm looking for? would that be too damaging? does anyone know?