Growing out from BC. Regimen?

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I recently did the big chop, and I desperately want to grow my hair out, but I don't know when to wash, deep condition, ACV rinse, or anything like that. I like using the Biofusion Olive Oil products you can find at Walgreen's, but I don't really have any staple products. The Cantu repairing cream just kinda dries my hair out, and I just need a product to keep my hair moisturized and soft the whole day. What does my weekly regimen need to be to grow my hair out? Also what products do I need to use daily, what products should I avoid? I'm a 4c by the way. Thank you!
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    I hope you are enjoying your BC! Cantu products dried my hair out also. I think you should check out the 4a/b Basic guide to haircare. It is a sticky in the 4b forum. There are also some good blogs like that are very informative. If your old products work for you then perhaps you should keep using them.

    As far as a regimen... I tend to keep things very simple, because I am often very busy. I have tried almost everything and this is what works for me:

    I wash my hair 1x or 2x a week. I always wish my hair in about 8 braids.
    I deep condition once a week.
    I have fine hair, so I do a protein treatment every other week or whenever I feel my hair needs it.
    I have very dry hair and the most important thing for me is to keep my hair moisturized. I moisturize my hair once or twice a week or whenever my hair feels dry and I always seal with an oil after using my leave-in conditioner

    It may be best for you to experiment with different regimens/techniques and when you find something that works, stick to it.
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