My Curlie Blondie

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February 5, 2005 I had my baby boy. It took a while for his hair to come in and we could see what color it was going to be.
Now that he is almost 2, He has the most beautiful curly blond hair. Both my husband and I were blond when we were little. The whole time I was pregnant - I kept hoping for a blue eyed, curly blond haired little boy. And boy did I get my wish!!!! :D Everyone says what a cutie he is and how he is going to be real heart breaker!!!! Especially with those long eye lashes of his. Already he know how to work the eyes!!!! :roll:
His daddy keeps saying that he got his looks (looks just like daddy) and that he got his mamma's curls.


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    I know this is an old post, but I can relate. I have an 18mo. curlie blondie although it looks a bit different on him since both parents are darker skinned! :farao:

    He's probably a 4a curly blond. I haven't looked into what to do for his hair, but since it's so unique I'm thinking it would be good to keep his hair growing instead of cutting it close like his older brother. I just need the right products to keep it moist and not kinky looking. Right now I don't use anything except maybe sometimes that Pantene in the brown bottle. I guess I have to start paying more attention to his hair!
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