First curly-cut coming up

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Okay, so on an angry whim I got my hair cut in a bob last year, and fell of the curly-wagon. When bobbed, my 2c/3a hair looked silly and messy when I tried to let it curl naturally. So yes, I followed the evil siren call of my boar-bristle hairbrush and went straight-ish for the last year.

Recently, though, it has finally gotten long enough that the natural wave/curl is showing through the brushing, and I'm tired of fighting nature, so I'm back on the wagon. I'm two weeks sulfate and silicone free, but since I hadn't found an effective regime for my hair then, I still have not now.

And finally to the subject of the post, we have precisely one stylist in the area who has a reputation for being good with curls. I have heard that she dry-cuts, knows all about how to deal with curls (she's not curly, but has a daughter who is), and is generally all around awesome. I've met her in person, though not in a professional capacity, and actually like her. The question is this: how to I go to her? Do I attempt to style my curls, despite the fact that I stink at it? Do I go with second day hair, which for some reason always looks better- it's the volume from pineappling, I think? Or should I wash it and/or brush (I think I just heard people shuddering) it and just beg her for salvation?

edit:(and yes, apparently, I cannot spell curly)


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    i think it is best for her to see what curls/waves you have before she cuts, so i think i'd wash, condition, and put in whatever you do to style it curly. who cares if it is messy, you are going to her to make it fall correctly!
    the whole idea of a dry cut is to be able to see where/how curls/waves fall and to cut them correctly, that they blend in in the right way, so you have to help her do the best job possible and that is to see those curls/waves.

    good luck!

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    rbb wrote: »
    i think it is best for her to see what curls/waves you have before she cuts, so i think i'd wash, condition, and put in whatever you do to style it curly. who cares if it is messy, you are going to her to make it fall correctly!
    ITA with rbb. I go to a curly stylist who cuts my hair wet, but I always "spruce up" before I go. The last think in the world I really want to do before going for a haircut is to wash, condition, and style my hair for the 1-3 minute evaluation he is going to do regarding how my hair has grown in, but I do it every time so that he can see what it looks like when I do it.

    My hair looks very different from how I normally style it when I leave my HD. He makes my curls thin and stringy to give the illusion of more volume. To me, the curls just look thin, stringy and sometimes a bit too producty. But at least I walked in showing him that I wear clumpier, chunkier curls.

    I didn't used to do "pre-haircut primping" -- I would just walk in with my hair clipped up or in a ponytail. But since the curls were stretched out and flat that way, the stylist doesn't get a good idea of what your true "before" looks like.
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    I agree with everyone that you need to go with it wavy/curly. I personally think day 2 is fine if that's how you like it and think it looks best. The point is to show off your curls the way YOU like how they look best, because each stylist has a personal preference of how they expect curls to look when styled (as Spiralli explained from her experience) so it's helpful if they know your taste and hair type beforehand.

    Years ago when I was still searching for a stylist, I was recommended to one by a friend with fabulous wavy hair. The stylist was late for my appointment so they had my hair washed and ready for her (this was back before I learned about dry cuts). She arrived in a mood and kept commenting on how brittle and dry my hair felt. I had to break the news to her that I had curly hair! Nightmare cut to say the least. I came home with the front layers super hacked and huge curly/frizzy. My mom started singing the theme song from Flashdance and this was about 1995, not when 80s hair was in style. UGH!! So long story short, go with your hair "natural" so your stylist can really see it!
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    I made an appointment today for my first Deva Cut. The receptionist told me to come in with clean, air-dried hair, and I must wear it down (NO ponytails). She said I may style it with whatever products I want. This is apparently the best way for the stylist to get an idea of what my hair does on its own.
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