Growing out Short & Bad hair cut

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    im trying to do the same. only my hair is real short. im trying to grow out a pixie but i keep getting frustrated and do a snip here, a snip there,then i have to go get it fixed so i still have no growth. its frustrating. hang in there.throw away your scissors. at least thats what im thinking of doing.:)
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    Step AWAY from the scissors...AWAY from the scissors...AWAY from the scissors...

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    :) i just threw mine away this morning.
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    I was scissor happy for a while. I just bought a few wigs until my hair grew out enough. When I have a bad hair day, I just wear the wig instead of chopping my hair. Hats or scarves would also work. Accessories!

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    I just did a bad haircut myself!!! Omg never again I just wanted to trim my ends and ended up putting all these ugly layers in there, I had waist length hair now it bsl with ugly long layers.. Im just going to grow it out and keep it up until it looks presentable.. But yeah I figured after today im not a hairdresser lol..
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    Finch00 wrote: »
    Thanks for the feed back gals. I've thrown out my scissors, that should stop me for a while. I'm not sure how to work a wig but I suppose I can always straighten it if I don't want to look at my weird layers for a while.

    to guanacaxlatina: lol something about cutting hair is so tempting! It's fun until you realize it takes a lot longer to grow it out than to cut it. Then you get bored and start cutting it again, it's a vicious cycle.

    YES! I think it's the combination of the crunchy snip sound and the feel of the scissors slicing through the hair. I should get my hands on some stylist practice heads to hack up...:love4:
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