Cones, Styling, and Possibly Just Plain Overdoing it...

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:binky: Trying something different...

I'm going to start incorporating cones again. I know this is the exact opposite of what is stated in many places, but after doing a little reading up on them, I believe this is what I need to do for my damaged strands. As people state all the time on here, everyone's hair is different and you have to do what your hair responds to best. I used to use stuff with cones in them all the time and it never had any adverse effects on my hair. From reading, the silicones don't damage your hair, it's the taking them off that people are concerned with, right? Sulfate shampoos? Well, I've never shampooed my hair so much that I needed to be worried about the cleansers in them, so, kinda not gonna start now either. I stopped using cones once I decided to go natural because that's what everyone said to do, but much of my hair strands are just too porous and chinky. It's probably fine for people whose strands aren't that damaged, but mine need plugging and smoothing. I think, between the protein treatments and the added silicone, this will cut way down on my hair knotting and tangling, which is a massive problem with my hair breaking off. Or me having to cut it out with scissors.
I've already noticed a difference. I treated one side with stuff that had rich cones and the other I left alone. That side is knot free for the last three days! I'm kinda excited about not having to cut anything out of my hair this week. If all it takes is a little clarifying shampoo once in awhile to remove too much build-up, I think I'm in for this for awhile.


Not doing anymore twists/twist outs or such. I was sorry to not notice sooner, that this was the main culprit of my hair knotting. *sigh* And also really the only time I have breaking. Sorry, hair. I failed you. :confused4:


Cutting back on the actual doings of things to my hair. Intially, I was excited and wanted to try everything in the universe apparently, but hey, sometimes I just think it's overkill. Like putting a tenth coat of wax on a car, or leaving your mehndi on for a week or something. Kinda futile efforts. Because that's as much shine as it's gonna have, and that's all the dye your skin cells are gonna take up, no matter how long you leave it after it's complete. It's done. I'm now thinking this about hair products. Whatever that thing is, conditioner, oils, spritz, butters, creams, etc...after awhile, it has really done all it's going to do. No matter how much longer I leave it on, or how many more products I apply, layering one onto another and another and another... I think this is overkill for me. And more a concern and cause of build-up.
Also not wash'n'go/co-washing every day, or every other day. More overdoing. I workout a lot and all I do most days is just rinse it under the shower with some warm water and it's fine. My hair gets annoyed with added manipulation. I'm figuring out that while exciting to try news things on it, it really just need to be kindly treated with a few helpful products, then just left alone.

If anyone who doesn't do protective styling, and also anyone who doesn't mind using cones in their products, has any comments, I'd love to hear.


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