Wild hair in the morning

Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Registered Users Posts: 14
I have 3c thick, curly hair. I am fed up with it as the minute i sleep on it i look like a wild woman. It goes into dreadlocks easily if i do not brush it(I can only brush it wet with conditioner in it, as it goes into tugs within minutes of drying(takes 2-3 hrs to dry).I never use a hairdryer as my hair is so dry anyway, it goes frizzy within three hours of drying.
Mousse makes it too dark(i am a blonde). Any ideas of products that can control my hair and not darken it????
After using olive oil my hair feels dryer?? God i give up!!!!
I have cut my hair myself for the last 14 yrs as i do not trust hairdressers. My hair is shoulder length. The only hairdresser i trust is at the other end of the world. Help!!!I want nice glossy curls that are defined and don't bounce back up when it drys , and bounce even further up my head as the hours pass!!It looks at it's best the first hour of drying. I have just found this web site and have a lot to learn, so please teach me what you've all learned. I'll look forward to hearing from you.
3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.


  • KittyKatKittyKat Registered Users Posts: 9
    Hi SES

    Im the same if I sleep with my hair out so I don’t because I cant handle the dread locks and knots it ends up with in the morning. I generally sleep with my hair tied up in a loose ponytail. This also stops it from encroaching on my husband’s side of the bed as it has a habit of attacking him. I have a friend who has curly hair also and sleeps on a silk pillowslip she says this stops it knotting. Maybe give the silk pillowslip a go!
    good luck Katrina
  • cmbyrnecmbyrne Registered Users Posts: 7

    The only two products that seem to work on my very curly, wild hair & produce nice glossy curls are the following: "WET" by Sebstain. You can only purchase the product from a hairdresser that carries their products. I just recently found a cheapter alternative - "SCULPT ME" by RPR. Both products need to be put into WET hair - you need to dampen your hair every morning before placing the product through it. The first time you use it after you have washed your hair you need to use quite a bit, & then only a little every other morning before washing it again. As it builds up I find your hair gets more glossy, shiny & the curls more defined.
  • lsavvalsavva Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, i am an Aussie as well, and i also have 3c type hair, it is under chin length. I never brush me hair at all, as it will go really frizzy. What i do is, use an afro comb, and only comb it in the shower with conditioner in my hair, and i never comb it after that. then put a gel in my hair and your will see a difference. When i sleep, on it, I tie my hair with a loose scrunchie. How do you have your style, is it parted and all one length, or do you have layers, fringe, etc.

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