Silk Oil of Morocco serum

Lily123Lily123 Posts: 11Registered Users
Just wondering if anyone knows what "sand-derived" silicones are? I'd heard a few good things about the Silk Oil of Morocco serum so I emailed them for the ingredients. The first three are silicones but it states they are "sand-derived". Does this mean they're okay? Probably a dumb question but I'll ask it anyway LOL!


  • RedDeliciousRedDelicious Posts: 22Registered Users
    I don't really know but...I'm guessing they're no different to normal silicones.

    The most common constituent of sand is silica, but it sounds more natural (and less artificial, chemical, industrial) to say "sand-derived."

    On another note, I had Moroccan Oil put in my hair a few weeks ago by the hairdresser, after a cut, and I was left a total frizzy mess lol
    Aussie curly

    3a/3b strawberry blonde

    New to the CG revelation!

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