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Okay. Between moving, ending an 8 year relationship, blah, blah, I haven't visited the site in a while.
Help! About 10 years ago, my hair fell out at the root. I was diagnosed with alopecia, which made sense when I thought about my hair history growing up. But after going natural 3 years ago, I became convinced that it was simply traction alopecia from the braids, because my hair has been fine since it has been chemical free.

Well about a month ago, I found a big round smooth bald spot in the back left side of my head larger than a quarter!! Because I now have a medium sized afro, I can hide it. But throughout the day after shrinkage, I am aware that the bald spot is showing. My question is, how do I keep it from getting bigger? I know stressing only makes it worse. But I am afraid to detangle my hair now, because pulling around that area will only make it bigger.

I do not use protein in my hair, but I'm thinking that I need something to keep my hair stronger. I have extremely kinky hair, with very tight coils that snap back right into knots one minute after detangling.At the same time, it's fine. It's like I never even detangled, so I refuse to keep pulling at it needlessly. Are there any products that help in strength? I can't even wear scarves, the pressure on the edges thin my hair out. Bobby pins, combs, all of that is to much on my hair right now.

Sorry for the novel. Didn't know where to begin.


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    I feel your pain about having a bald spot.
    My left side temple is really thin, and looks like I have a M shape cause of it. I've been using mega tek, a lot of women said its made their hair thicker and fixed thinning/balding spots, but I haven't seen a drastic improvement(but it has made my hair softer so I do like it). Maybe it might work for you? Also,have you tried roagine for women? I plan to try it and see if that does the trick.
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    I know how you feel. I went natural after being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata which it sounds like you might have. My doctor told me there is nothing you can do to stop the hair from falling out. What you can do is try to get the hair to grow back as quickly as possible. For me doc's meds did nothing, Rogaine irritated my skin. I have used EOs with success. But even after two years some of there is a section of my hair that hasn't grown back. I can cover my spot by styling my hair a certain way and I like to wear scarfs. If you can't do that you might want to consider a half wig.
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    Thank you both. I guess it's back to the dermatologist for topical sterioids. I am kind of afraid of Rogaine, as I heard that you have to keep using it. In the meantime, I am getting some peachfuzz back, so at least that area is not permanent (so far).

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    Oh I am so sorry!

    A few years ago like 2 actually I washed my hair with Barry Fletcher stuff and when I was done I had a bald spot. Like a round old mr. clean I was horrified.

    Turns out it was stress, at the time I was in grad school and life was just aggg you know. Anyway my beautician told me to leave it alone and give it a month because most doctors will not do anything until then. I took her advice but I did use some homeopathic stuff like rosemary and castor oil. Who can say what worked but about 6 weeks later I had fuzz and a year later you cannot even tell where the spot was my hair grew back to the length of all the rest.

    I hope your story is like mine :-)
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    When my hair started falling out I got two different responses. I followed my beautician/friends advice and it gt worse. I went to the doc, got diagnosed and did what he said & it was fine.

    I'm not 100% sure what caused it but stress could have played a major role. You have to stop stressing (easier said than done).
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    You know curl cassy you bring up a good point that I should mention. The first is my beautician has known me for forever we are talking over twenty years. Plus she specializes in damaged hair ok that is not coming out right she does a lot of work with women and men who are medically fragile and often their hair is a side effect of medication and so forth.

    I did not mean to imply that you should not see a doctor, I had a special case. I only meant it was stress related and finding balance was key.
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    Thank you both for your input. Although I know it happens to others, it still is great to hear (read) it from you all. Since I do see and feel it slowly growing back, it has helped lower the stress level a bit. Now to destress about other aspects of life :) !
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    I'm going through this now. Discovered my bald spot right after I did my BC (took my hair down to about 3 inches) in early November. I've gotten back a couple inches since, so I have good coverage, but ... I KNOW IT'S STILL THERE. I hate needles, so I have a prescribed topical foam that I am suppose to do twice a day with Rogaine. I'm not diggin' that right now, especially since I'm not seeing (re)growth. Would love to know if there are any natural/home-based stimulants that could kick-start the (re)growth.
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    I don't know about any home based stimulants but, MSM has helped me a lot. I used to wear my hair in styles that caused a lot of stress to my hairline which resulted in hair loss around that area. But, after taking MSM for awhile I noticed that coily hairs were starting to grow in the areas where I had hair loss.
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