Basic Tips for a beginner

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Im going to start experimenting more making my own butters/creams/conditioners etc. There are loads of recipes online but if I just wanted to start creating with ingredients I have, are there any basic tips/advice?

Products that don't mix well, tips of how to use unrefined shea butter, how to blend ingredients correctly etc? How to know how much oil to add? Any oils that you should/shouldn't put together? That kind of thing :)

Some of ingredientss I have/looking at getting:

Unrefined Shea Butter
Coco butter
Mango butter
Vegetable glycerin
Jojoba oil
Sweet almond oil
Meadowfoam oil
Coconut oil
Aloe Vera juice
Xanthan gum


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    Coconut oil is solid as 76 degres and below so be minful of that. Other than that I am not sure about mixing diffrent oils together. Research each oil (esp. EOs) and it's properties--that should give you some insight. EOs are very potent and some even have warnings (rosemary EO isn't good for preganant women or those with herat problems, citrius EOs are photo toxic, etc)

    I don't add any oils to my shea butter mix--I find it makes it too greasy. I just add aloe vera gel and honey. I use it for my ends and as a pomade.

    Lot's of folks use aloe vera juice/veggie glycerin as a moisturizer/leave-in conditioner. You can google for recipies.

    I think there is a jojba gelly mix that's popular with aloe vera, jojoba oil, veggie glycerin and xantan gum. Seach the board for a recipie.

    I hope this helps! :)
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    well want kind of recipes are you trying to make? I have dry hair so i gear towards recipes suited for dry hair. I also tend to get itching scalp, so i keep tea tree oil and mix it in most of my recipes. And I love jojoba for hair and skin so thats a must for me. I feel the same way about shea butter.
    they only advice i can give you is try to keep it simple. figure out what your hair likes and work with those items
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    Im just beginning :) I make FSG and have started adding new things to it - so now I have the bug lol!

    I have some Shea Butter and going to try and make some sort of hair cream :) I've ordered a couple of books for recipe ideas