anyone know what these symptoms are?

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my wife took my baby to the hospital and been there the last 12 hours. Sirin has thrown up everything she eats including milk the last 2-3 days. she has watery diarhea and has lost alot of weight. i dont understanding viet medical terminology so if anyone knows what these symptoms are please let me know.


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    These symptoms can be caused by so many things. Viral or bacterial infections, changes in diet, allergies, teething are but a few possible causes, so I would not even venture a guess.

    Hope they find out what's wrong with her and she gets better soon.
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    I agree - could be a variety of illnesses of various severity and I wouldn't want to guess. I would expect that the hospital would be rehydrating her for those symptoms. I hope she gets better soon - I know how anxious you must be and I'll keep you guys in my thoughts/prayers.
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    I hope she is better soon! Will keep her in my prayers! Please let us know how she's doing.
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