Curly pixie cut?

dinnertimedinnertime Registered Users Posts: 7
I think pixie cuts can be so cute! I really want super short hair, but I was wondering:

-What do YOU think about pixie cuts?

-Would it be harder or easier to manage than medium length hair (mine's mostly 3a/3b)?

-Have you ever had a pixie?

-Do you have a picture? If so, please post it! :toothy5:

Also, I would love to hear your stories about short hair. :)


  • happytreefunhappytreefun Registered Users Posts: 59
    Ok well to achieve the look you want you MUST go to a salon where they know how to cut curly hair. If you don't you'll end up with super short big poof hair that you will regret you ever cut. Trust me I know, I did the same. I though Hau way above my shoulders and layered would look good. BIG mistake I cried so much. But maybe the reason it looked so bad is because I just went to one of those generic hair cutting places where anyone can walk in & they take about 20 minutes to do your hair. & everyone in their has staight hair & they give you that look like oh I'm sorry for you burden of hair, yeah right! Anywaays you could try looking for what you want in a magazine & bring it to ur stylist. If you don't do that though you have to b super descriptive. Like rly descriptive or they might get a different picture in their heads than you do and t could all go downhill from there. Other than that I think it would look cute my sister has curly hair 2 & it very short and it's super cute Just make sure you know how to style it to look good. Good luck with your hair cut!!

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