Friend using Spectral DNC and it works for her...

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Hey ladies! I wanted to share with you this, this might help someone out there.
My girlfriend was experiencing extreme hair loss at the top of her scalp. It was bad. You could see her scalp no matter how she styled her hair.
She used to do a lot of bleaching, hair relaxing, also lay under the sun a lot with the scalp exposed and it would get burn, so she think the hair loss came from it.
She was also was diagnosed with Anemia, so it could also play a role on it. There are many factors involved.

We were researching and finding a solution and we came across Spectral DND. She ordered it, and she has used it for 2 months, and OMG!!!!!! This works!!!
She now has hair growing back, and also has volume allover and looks so much fuller and healthier.

After I saw that it really worked for her and how fast the rest of her hair was growing I wanted to try it to see if my hair will grow faster, so add it to my night hair regimen and started using it just to grow my hair faster and longer, and it is also working for me as a hair growing product. I will be using it just for a couple of months only, don not want to abuse it, since I do not have hair loss. But I love it!

I use it at night before going to bed. It can be a bit messy cause it is very liquid. And it smells like multi vitamins.

You apply directly to scalp and let the scalp absorb it.
It comes with very good instructions.

I hope I am able to help anyone out there with hair loss problem, or simply wanting to grow hair longer.


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