Hair help please?

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My hair is in between wavy and curly. The middle is mostly wavy and the bottom gets very curly. It makes my hair look like a strange triangle. I've tried techniques I've seen on youtube to natural get more wavy softer smoother hair and even curled it but I don't like the whole heat damaging thing and it doesn't end up looking nice. My hair also tends to be dry and frizzy and sometimes poofy. I already use Paul Mitchell Leave in Conditioner, and Some Super Shiny Serum and some John Frieda Frizz-Ease stuff.

What is a good way to get my curly/wavy hair smooth and soft and also evenly wavy if you know what I mean?

Are there any cuts I can do to remove this triangle I have?


  • XhahaXhaha Registered Users Posts: 80
    1.) for haircuts try some shorter layers u will still have volume but with ur waves on top it won't be crazy ( I have short layers and my hair is not over volumized) also don't have one short layer one long layer have a short then a medium then a long 2.) a couple good de- frizz things are SUDZZ frizz-eliminator also CURLS UP mousse is really great! 3.) a technique I use on my hair all the time is I will take the SUDZZ product and put it on the ends of my hair and anything left over on my hands on the top. ( by the way this is all after I get out of the shower) then I take the CURLS UP and take a little bit and run it through all my hair then I put a little on my hand and taking half inch sections I twist the sections ( this will be really good for the wavy areas) and then just let it air dry. If u try this please tell me how it works for u wish u luck

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