focusing on curly haired celebs when they straighten their hair...

SmoochSmooch Posts: 51Registered Users
Is it just me or does the media do this quite often?
Take Taylor Swift for example. To me, she has the most gorgeous curls and when she straightened it she got SO much attention. I was so disappointed. She just looks like everyone else with straight hair and it's BORING. Her curls made her stand out from the rest of Hollywood. What do ya'll think?
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  • alaskantsunamialaskantsunami Posts: 421Registered Users
    Or when chemical celebrities wear natural hair and they get massacred...
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  • v1k2a3t4v1k2a3t4 Posts: 89Registered Users
    IMO I find it a bit silly to be honest. It wasn't chemical straightening, it wasn't permanent or anything. Plus she looked gorgeous both ways. I think what makes taylor is taylor, not her hair.

    Sorry that's my 2 cents LOL.
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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    I thought her curls were fake anyway?
  • sleepyjesssleepyjess Posts: 297Registered Users
    turtles wrote: »
    I thought her curls were fake anyway?

    No, I think she has actually curly hair...but her stylist uses a curling iron to make the curls more uniform and controlled.
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  • porque_pigporque_pig Posts: 238Registered Users
    I think Taylor Swift gets compliments for her straight hair because it's something different from the norm. I don't think there's really anything wrong with that--change usually causes that sort of reaction!

    I'm sure straight-haired celebs get positive attention when they curl their hair. It's not a vendetta against curlies, really.
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  • The Spiral QueenThe Spiral Queen Posts: 54Registered Users
    When she straightened it I was just like "whatever" because she already ruins her hair a lot anyway.

    She curls it with the curling iron a lot, I liked her hair in her first album when it looked NATURAL, not fancy fake perfect spirals.
  • forbeeforbee Posts: 441Registered Users
    It wouldn't piss me off so much if celebrities who normally wear their hair straight got the same compliments when they go curly temporarily. Instead, I read more comments about how their hair looks like they stuck their finger in an electric socket (I think this was a comment made about Beyonce when she wore a curly weave), or like a poodle's fur (Perez Hilton making fun of Raven-Symone's natural hair). But since I notice that curlies get positive attention when going straight, and straighties get negative attention when going curly, I don't think it's ok.
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  • Lotsa loopsLotsa loops Posts: 130Registered Users
    I'm sure Taylor just wanted to change up her style once in a while! Her curly hair looks gorgeous whether all natural (a la first album) or touched up with a curling iron! And while her hair looks the same as everyone else's while straight, it's still looked nice!

    Taylor's one of my curly idols.
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