Can We Talk About Top Chef's Carla

NLuvWithCurlzNLuvWithCurlz Posts: 99Registered Users
She is sooooo adorable. I love her and her hair! She is out there representing for all us curlies ( well at least to me she is.... :toothy7:)

Anyways I've been wanting to post about her for awhile now so I have and I'm happy:blob7:

Oh and I hope she wins (or tre)


  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    i *heart* carla!
  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Posts: 2,121Registered Users
    Aw, I know! She does rock some awesome curls!
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  • anonymous_59737anonymous_59737 Posts: 485Registered Users
    Yes, I love Carla - total genius.

    So glad she wasn't asked to pack her knives this week.
    Hootie-hoo! - Chef Carla
  • queenofdisks80queenofdisks80 Posts: 155Registered Users
    hootie hoo! I love Carla! I'm so glad she's made it this far. SHe just needs to stay true to herself and she could take it home. Although I think Blais is some tough competition.
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  • CurlyLinZeeCurlyLinZee Posts: 462Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My favorite show! The only one I watch religiously since a girl I went to high school was on 2 seasons ago. (Ariane) I fell in love with Carla and I'm rooting for her too. She's a great chef and she has the best personality (and hair) of all of the cheftestants.

    I was also rooting for Dale and Fabio as backup to Carla, but they got booted...

    I agree that Richard Blais is one of the best chefs..technically...but Carla's got my heart and my vote!
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  • curlyclo89curlyclo89 Posts: 173Registered Users
    I was just thinking about this last night! Carla's hair is looking so much better than it did on her first season!
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  • breathebreathe Posts: 399Registered Users
    Carla's hair looks way looser this season. Looking back at her first season, it appeared kinkier to me.
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  • anonymous_59737anonymous_59737 Posts: 485Registered Users
    breathe wrote: »
    Carla's hair looks way looser this season. Looking back at her first season, it appeared kinkier to me.

    Curl type appearance depends on both product and styling method, as well as weather. Carla's hair varies in its curliness even in this season's show.

    And whether kinky or curly, Carla rocks her look, her personality, and her wicked chef skillZ (yes with a capital Z!)!

    Go Carla, go Carla, go Carla... :love4:
    Hootie-hoo! - Chef Carla
  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    breathe wrote: »
    Carla's hair looks way looser this season. Looking back at her first season, it appeared kinkier to me.

    i think in her first season, she was strictly doing wash n gos. but this time i've noticed in some interviews she's wearing a wig/half wig, sometimes she's rocking a braid out, and other times it appears to be a wash n go. if i remember correctly, i think it's been a progression too. so it made me think that she had intended on just wearing the hair piece for the most part, then got tired of that, tried a few different things, and is just going back to wash n gos.
  • coshun2003coshun2003 Posts: 199Registered Users
    She is FAB!
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