Bikini Line Hell

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Basically, exactly what the title says.

I have an icky bikini line, and I MUST do some kind of hair removal because otherwise...just ew.

Like most on this site, I get ingrown hairs like no other plus all kinds of bumps and such, so shaving is really not doing it for me.

I've gotten professional waxing, but my hair grows too fast and I'm too poor to do this regularly. Plus I get weird rashes and skin problems because of my annoyingly sensitive skin.

I've been going through hell and swimsuit self-consciousness for years and am frustrated beyond belief.

So here are my questions:
1. Ingrown hair solutions? (keep in mind my crazy sensitive skin that reacts to basically everything)
2. Good, cheapish at-home waxing that won't irritate? Does that even exist?
3. Epilator? I've used one on my legs and I don't mind the pain that much, but before I invest I'd like to know if it's effective on the bikini area.
4. Any magical hair removal solutions for down there that you know of?
5. Other advice?

I appreciate any and all advice.


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    Try Veet spray-on for hair removal.

    Use Tend Skin afterward if possible.
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    I got this for Christmas and I love it! Braun 5270 X'elle Body System Epilator: Health & Personal Care

    I used to have an Epilady back in the 80's and, lemme tell ya... the technology has come a long way! I have not used the Braun X'elle on my bikini line yet, but I have not shaved my legs at all since I got this for Christmas. I started with the massaging attachment and the gentler setting and now I just touch up on full speed with the precision attachment every 10 days or so.

    Search the reviews for how well it works for bikini line... there are over 1100 reviews on Amazon so you should find something useful.

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    + 1,000 for the epilator.

    I got one a couple months ago and honestly, I can't see ever going back to shaving. I epilate EVERYTHING with it. The only area I still shave is the very very "Brazilian" underneath area of my bikini area. I especially love the way it makes my underarms so smooth and without "shadow".

    You just need to exfoliate really well in the shower with a pouf - I also do an epsom salts scrub once a week on those areas.

    Get one - I promise it will be one of the best beauty investments you can make.
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