Hairdresser in sydney's Eastern Suburbs

Gillian SloanGillian Sloan Posts: 14Registered Users
Anyone know of a good hairdresser in the Eastern suburbs, around Maroubra who understands Curly Hair.I have been cutting my own hair as i find it hard to trust Hairdresser's as they just do not understand my hair.It's wild and has a mind of it's own. The length is needed to weigh it down .
However i would like it styled by a good hairdresser who i will keep going to if i'm happy.Are others of the impression that you have to have curly hair to really know it?? Or am i wrong.
3b/c,Blonde, Shoulder length hair(taking into account spring factor)Otherwise 9 inch's longer. Described as noodles hair by kids.
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    I think your definitely right about the hairdresser does have to know about curly hair to cut it well or even have curly hair herself. For example I have my hair layered just around my face at the front not at the back because it would just make it too big (I’ve got 3b – c type hair, thick and spirally). I presumed the hairdresser would take into account the fact that when my hair was dry that it would spring up (lesson 1 don’t presume a hairdresser understands curly hair). Apparently not because before I had a chance she had cut my layers way too short. This was not at all a good look, as the layers didn’t blend back with the rest of my hair. I have also experienced hairdressers who presume naturally curly hair has to be scrunched heaps (like with permed hair) when drying to make the curls bounce up, this is definitely wrong in my case and just makes me look like I have an afro the Jackson brothers back in the 70’s would have died for. Anyhow I’ll stop raving on because I have lots more of these stories but agree with you that people with naturally curly hair need a hairdresser who has specific experience with it. Sorry I don’t know of any in Sydney, I’m still looking for one myself in Brisbane. Good luck with the search! Katrina icon_smile.gif