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hi curlies,

i've been cg and modified cg for ages, but i've never faced this quandary before, and wonder if anyone has suggestions.

this winter, my scalp has been excruciatingly dry. recently i've been massaging it with jojoba oil, and while this helps immensely, i'm a bit stumped about how to wash it out.

it doesn't really come all the way out with a co-wash, and it looks quite greasy for a day or two until it absorbs into my hair - not a good look. i'm wondering if a lemon-conditioner wash will do the trick? i don't want to use any shampoo, or even low-poo, as that will dry my scalp out even more.

thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!


p.s. i use t.joe's nourish for co wash and rinse out. i don't use any leave in (don't need it) or product, really.
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    Maybe try an ACV rinse to remove the oils from your hair, or do a baking soda scrub and an ACV rinse afterward? It is somewhat clarifying and will probably remove the extra grease from your hair in a natural way.

    I find the best way to remove oils, though, is to low poo them out. :)

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    You might find it works better to massage your scalp with moistened fingertips. Dryness indicates lack of water. What oil does is provide a barrier. Or moisten with water, then use a smaller amount of oil. If you remove all the oil, you're just going to be back where you were before.

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    I oil my scalp and hair regularly (2-3x per week) before wash/cowashing. If I cowash after, I use a really light conditioner like VO5 to get the oil out. If you are still having problems maybe go a little easier on the oil or switch them up.

    I find jojoba sits on my hair and is a little harder to get out since it's technically a plant wax. If I use jojoba, I will either sleep with a plastic cap and turban to keep the heat in. Using jojoba with heat gets it into my scalp better to help dryness. I also really like sweet almond oil and a mix called Pooka Nectar Hair Oil (buy @ whole foods).
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