Hair cut for a 4b?

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Okay. I am in need of a haircut! I have major shrinkage with pen spring curls. I haven't really found a hair dresser/salon that really knows how to cut my hair. Folks se my kinky texture and immediately roll out the clippers! Or I've been to many places where they do awesome twists and coilouts but, they just kinda cut my ends off while they're in twists. For the winter I am doing mostly twists and twist outs, in the summer I do more wash and go's (shake and go's) My problem is my twist out's come out looking kinda crazy because my hair is mainly the same length. I'd like a little shape. Is it impossible to do because of my hair type? I'm thinking of going to Deva, but again I am concerned about them really knowing what to do with someone's hair that doesn't "HANG" Know what I mean. Any suggestions? Christos and Hair rules are not really options for me cause of price! Thanks Ladies :)
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