Need recipe for chocolate treats/dessert

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Our roller derby league is having a fundraiser. The theme is A Chocolate Affair and is to take place on the 12th. We're supposed to make something chocolatey for people to bid on or buy (not really sure what the deal is). I want to make something awesome!

I've looked at allrecipes and thought about making fudge or a chocolate rum cake or something, but maybe there's something even better that you folks can suggest.

And it's more than a bake sale/auction type thing. We're renting a section of a martini bar and there will be a DJ, so it'll be a fun time, the chocolate goodies are just an extra way to make some more money.


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    Almond Joy Cake | Hillbilly Housewife

    this so so good. i make half the chocolate cake mix in a spring form pan, then top it with the marshmallow and chocolate. sprinkle almonds and coconut on top of that and it looks very impressive and pretty.
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    French macarons filled with chocolate ganache
    Tiramisu (with chocolate shavings)
    Chocolate Lava cakes
    Chocolate chip cookies
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    I'd go for Claudia Fleming's chocolate caramel tarts:
    Nordljus: Chocolate Caramel Tartlettes with Sea Salt - SHF#9

    Dorie Greenspan's tarte noire:
    bliss: towards a delicious life: twd: tarte noire, my pick!!!

    Alice Medrich has a recipe for No-No-Nanaimo Bars which looks awesome. It's a coconut pecan crust, vanilla cream cheese filling, and dark chocolate ganache.

    You could also make assorted truffles. Grand Marnier, mint, espresso, cinnamon and lime, etc.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake recipe @Not Quite Nigella

    You could also make chocolate marshmallows. Homemade ones are much better than store-bought.
  • Brownie Covered Oreos | Picky Palate

    --I've never made these, but I need to.

    My other suggestions are chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate-covered bacon... if you have the right crowd the bacon will be a huge hit.
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