dying to be 100% natural can't wait

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Hello everyone,

I started my transitioning process on Oct. 2010. I didn't do a BC, but I'm trimming my hair constantly, I can't wait to see my curls, they are coming out wonderful specially in the back where I'm totally natural, I still have very little relaxed end on the crown & on in the front. I don't know much about texture, but I think that my crown texture is different than the rest of the hair. Can this be possible? I'll love to do the BC. I think I'm ready but my husband is not, he doesn't like short hair, weave or extensions...any suggestions? I use wen products they have made my transition easier. LOVE MY CURLS:love5:


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    We have so much in common. My hair curls in the back, kinda in the crown and I have a lot of straight ends in the front. I had my hair cut in a bob with the front longer than the rest. My husband was upset about that. He doesn't want me to cut it off nor does he like weaves. I snuck a sew-in last summer that he got used to but he still didn't really like it. I have been using the flat iron from time to time because all I could do was a pony tail and I really don't like to keep it pulled in the pony tail like that, but I am going to try to do the bantu knots, tonight actually and I really hope this works out, because I have had a long journey and I want to stop using the heat. I still do not have a completely curly head of hair and it's driving me crazy.
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    OMG!!!! we do have a lot in common I also have my hair cut in a bob but my front is really short I use a band in the front just for definition, I roller set my hair every night with small rollers so that I can get the curls look that works for me is my protective style. remember heat is not good for your curls stay away from it. Sorry if I'm coming too strong...Hoping your bantu knots comes out FAB. KEEP IN TOUCH.:love4:
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    No, I didn't take that as you coming off too strong. I really like my hair when it's straight. My hair is complicated because it is completely 100% natural but when I did my initial transition I didn't know that I should have stopped going to the salon twice a month getting it blow dried and flat ironed. I guess it's the only explination as to why I do not have a curl from root to end. I am now trying to "transition" again and stay away from the flat iron. That's why I have been more proactive and this time I am learning new things to do with my hair. What do you do when you get a trim? Is your hair straight? This is a dilemma for me because I want my hair to still be shaped nicely. Thanks for the hoping my hair turns out nice...so do I. I definitely want to stay in touch too.

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