The results from my hair test are very unexpected helppp!!

I did a hair test for porosity/elasticity and texture! My results were the exact opposite I expected. My waves have been driving me insane for a while now and I am trying to diagnose my hair to find out what I can do to get my hair healthy.

I have been cg for about a year but PED chimed in and told me in a previous posts that my conditioners do not have enough moisture. I am going to try TRESEMME NATURALS/GARNIER as soon as I need new condish.

My results for my porosity test turned out the most unexpected. I have dyed my hair with BLEACH a few years ago, then dark brown on top of that! I thought my hair would be very porous! TURNS OUT I HAVE LOW POROSITY HAIR! I NEED MORE MOISTURE and my hair has a problem keeping in moisture. I could be wrong but I am going to do a moisture treatment ASAP! Can anyone recommend a good homemade moisture treatment? Should I try a humectant? I hear honey is a great humectant, are there any other things I can use from my kitchen cabinet???

The rest of my results:
2b waves
Poor Elasticity
Low Porosity
Medium/coarse texture
Thick density

I also have very poor elasticity:( I read moisture can help this too.

I admit I am still a bit confused and maybe I am completely wrong. It is all trial and error. I have done a homemade egg white protein pack once and it was a disaster. I will try moisture first and see what happens. Your recommendations and replies are greatly appreciated:) TY IN ADVANCE!!
2b waves

Poor Elasticity
Low Porosity??? (New to this and experimenting)
Medium/coarse texture

Thick density


  • ibraidhairibraidhair Posts: 343Registered Users
    I don't know what your routine is like, but I discovered that my hair just simply needs water on it every day. Either CO washing or spraying it with water. It just needs to be hydrated.

    As for treatments, I like using olive oil, avocado, honey, or molasses. Sometimes I use a mixture of more than one of these.

    I'm not so well-informed about porosity and all that, I just know what my hair responds well to.
  • pedahehpedaheh Posts: 4,812Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    All hair needs a little protein sometimes. That said, you will probably want to avoid protein for the most part. Coarse and non-porous hair will need almost no protein. On a rare occasion, you may want to use a little protein.
    Coarse hair tends to like oils and butters and products that contain them. Garnier Fructice Triple Nutrition fits this description. Also, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle and Rose and Darcy's Pumpkin (online). I know some Dessert Essence (health food store) conditioners are oil heavy, but I don't know how well they work. Keep an eye out for people with similar hair and see what products they use.
    I was going to suggest adding some olive oil to your rinse out as a DT for now. You can also add any of the things Ibraidhair suggested. You can also look in the recipe section for ideas.
    Good luck. Hopefully someone with similar hair will have good advice. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Posts: 2,121Registered Users
    I recently found out that I have low porosity hair, like you did, and I have low elasticity, too, which I knew from the start. I'm pretty sure my hair does respond well to oils, like Ped advises. My favorite homemade DT recipe has avocado, EVOO, and honey in it. It made my hair super soft and just incredible! Here is a thread with some other recipes that you might like, including my beloved avocado one:

    I heard from IAgirl that low porosity hair generally loves humectants, and this is true for my hair. Almost all of my products contain them, and although most curlies hide from them in the winter, my hair doesn't seem to mind at all! I think my hair likes glycerin, and it likes honey, too.

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    I know I absolutely MUST list my routine in my siggy like everyone else does, but I don't really have one yet lol! I am going to try the GARNIER.

    Last night I low pooed, conditioned with my suave naturals, and then I let my hair sit with EVOO in it for about an hour. I comed when soaking wet, dried and plopped for a good 15 mins.

    POST PLOP the waves looked incredible when wet! I slept on it (eek but I am experimenting) and this morning I had much deeper waves. Moisture seemed to help over night. I would love this result all of the time.

    The waves have flattened down a bit since drying, and they always seem to! 2nd-4th day hair is often almost straight for me:( I also have alot of oil build-up (oopsie) Gonna do a water wash tonight to try n get some oil out cause it is driving me insane!

    My plan is to get the garnier, experiement with moisture, moisture, moisture, and plopping all month! At the end of FEB I will do another hair test just to be sure. I am still a bit confused with my type of hair, so this is all about trial and error. I am going to also CO wash every other day instead of low pooing/cowashing every few days.

    I am very curious about humectants but I live in the desert. There is not much moisture in the air here and I heard that using a humectant in a non humid environment could pull MORE moisture out of my hair...will beware with this and I will also not forget to use protein every now and then.

    TY so much for all of your replies! I wish I had a decent camera to track my results. I tried to take a pic for everyone today with no luck:(
    2b waves

    Poor Elasticity
    Low Porosity??? (New to this and experimenting)
    Medium/coarse texture

    Thick density

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