Matted Mess! (Winter??)

curlymom00curlymom00 Registered Users Posts: 3
HELP!!!! My hair is SO dry now that it's matting by the end of the day.

I was doing a CG/modified CG regime all spring and summer and was having a love affair with my hair. Then winter came and my hair started cheating on me. We're no longer on speaking terms.

Because of the issues, I tried changing my shampoo & conditioner back to Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine. I had changed to their Triple Moisture in an effort to be more CG but then I wondered if the dry hair was due to the change. I hadn't changed anything else so I had hoped that going back would get me back to what I had.

I started using the GF leave-in conditioner. No luck.

I tried VO5 Hot Oil treatment last week ... usually my hair adores that and is soft and silky afterwards. Nope, it was still the same dry, strawlike frizzy matting mess.

In desperation, I found an old L'Oreal protein conditioner from an old dye box. Again, normally my hair loves that conditioner. So I tried it and had moderate success. I went looking for a L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner that had protein in it thinking that this was the key ... more protein. At this point, I didn't care if it was CG or not ... I just wanted hair that didn't matt & I didn't have to spend 15 minutes detangling several times a day.

So yesterday I did the 2nd hot oil treatment, then shampooed my hair (2nd time this week, otherwise I water wash and cowash) and then put the protein conditioner in my hair. Got out, sprayed some detangle spray in my hair, combed through it with a wide toothed comb, things looked promising. I didn't put alot of stuff in it (probably a mistake) instead thinking I would let it rest for the day.

By 3pm it was matted ... and I mean matted ... dry, and brittle, like straw. I gooped whatever I could find it in to give it some slip and picked out all the knots and then threw it up in a pineapple. It's still there today because I have no idea what to do next for this hair. :sad3:

I should add that I have a mixture of 2, 3A and maybe some 3B here and there. I have read and read these boards for ideas and have tried quite a few of them. I have the curly girl book and read that quite awhile ago. I'm just stumped on this one.

Please help!


  • CurliesFTW_xoCurliesFTW_xo Registered Users Posts: 111
    Get some extra virgin olive oil and put it on your hair, leave in for as long as you can ( i usually leave it in my hair for hours and sometimes sleep with it on! ) It will leave your hair looking beautiful and feeling extremely soft.
    OPTIONAL- add some honey to the olive oil, it will make it even more shiny!

    Naturally brunette but dyed hair, dark brown ( nearly black ) in November 2010.Trying to grow to WL but only past SL atm. Currently not CO washing and using Pantenes shampoo. Styling: Schwarzkopf ultimate repair serum with total ends repair. Also use Aussies 3 miracle worker from time to time. 3B,bouncy ringlets,medium thickness,strands are neither fine nor coarse,dry,low elasticity ( when wet, but high elasticity when dry ) and proud to be a curly!
  • crazywavescrazywaves Registered Users Posts: 582
    Its not cg but the suave professionals almond and shea butter conditioner is heavy with good slip.

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