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Splitting out from Jess' hair biography thread. I figured it'd be easier to find possibly helpful info on your hair's properties in this forum.
Southern Colorado Curly
Mix of 2s med-low porosity, med-fine texture, lots of hair


  • missbanjomissbanjo Posts: 3,088Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Curl Pattern: 2a/b/c
    Texture: fine
    Porosity: normal-low
    Density: medium
    Elasticity: normal
    Characteristics: easily weighed down

    CG/ModCG/not CG: ModCG since I use a very lo-poo? This doesn't matter so much to me as long as my hair's happy & healthy.

    Hair ingredient likes: aloe vera juice/gel
    Hair ingredient dislikes: I think my hair actually doesn't like HEC odd as that may sound. I've made a list of products my hair did or didn't like and HEC was the only duplicate on every single don't like product
    Hard/Soft Water: Hard, well water

    HG/Go-to Products: Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo, SM Smoothie, FSG, BRHG

    Average climate/dew points: dry

    Fall/Winter combos: L/I with no R/O, SM Smoothie & FSG together.
    Spring/Summer combos: R/O or L/I but not both, FSG, FSG w/honey for hold

    Favorite styling techniques and why: Styling damp; Scrunch-n-pump; super soaker but only 3 handfuls; icequeen method

    Techniques that didn’t work and why: styling very wet: too heavy.

    Multiple day hair: Can't do it. If I don't feel like styling in the morning I'll just go with the L/I or put in a pony tail or bun.

    Routine: Shower before bed, rake in L/I, scrunch in L/I (scrunch-n-pump), 2 dollops FSG scrunched in well, plop overnight. Scrunch a little with plop towel (flour sack). Wet hands, 2 quarter size FSG w/honey, scrunch in. Scrunch a little with FST again or diffuse. Clip out of face.
    Southern Colorado Curly
    Mix of 2s med-low porosity, med-fine texture, lots of hair
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    Hair Biography

    Curl Pattern: 2c, 3a, 3b
    Texture: fine
    Porosity: low
    Density: thick
    Elasticity: low
    Characteristics: easy to straighten, easily weighed down,

    CG/ModCG/not CG: CG since October 2010

    Hair ingredient likes: aloe, protein
    Hair ingredient dislikes: glycerin in low dews, heavy emollients

    Hard/Soft Water: (?? - I have NO idea)

    HG/Go-to Products: SS CEJ, CJDF, CJCQ, CJ Strength Condish, CJRM, KCCC, EcoStyler Protein

    Average climate/dew points: High dews/hot in summer / Low dews/cold in winter - both extremes. I live in Northeastern US

    Fall/Winter combos: CJBLI, SS CEJ & CJCQ (for one... I have quite a few), KCCC ALONE, SS CEJ & AFL
    Spring/Summer combos: Don't know yet (only been CG since OCT '10)

    Favorite styling techniques and why: I don't know that I HAVE a particular technique. But, I style my hair every single day. I never sleep on it and go. EVER. I shower in the AM. "Seaweed Scrunch" is what I would call my application technique, I suppose. LOL!
    Techniques that didn’t work and why: plopping/plunking - gives me fractal curls, flattens them out, in general.
    Janet ~ Northern NJ
    Properties: Dense, Fine, Low Porosity, Low Elasticity
    My Picasa Album
    What I used in this photo:
    Cleansing: Suave Tropical Coconut Condish
    Conditioner: CJ Smoothing Condish
    Styling: CJCQ
  • AfroPRChicaAfroPRChica Posts: 200Registered Users
    Curl Pattern: 3C/4A
    Texture: Medium/coarse
    Porosity: Low
    Density: Medium
    Elasticity: Low
    Characteristics: VERY dry

    CG/ModCG/not CG: Mod CG, I lo-poo when I feel it is needed.

    Hair ingredient likes: Humectants & Emollients, and VERY thick products.
    Hair ingredient dislikes: Protein, Amino Acids, certain plant extracts.

    Hard/Soft Water: Soft (I think)

    HG/Go-to Products: Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo, GVP Conditioning Balm, GVP Extra Body Gel (Compare to Paul Mitchell), KCCC.

    Average climate/dew points: Humid. Moderate dew point in winter/spring, high dew points in summer/fall.

    Fall/Winter combos: White Rain Pomegranate as Co-wash, GVP Conditioning Balm as R/O, Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk as leave in, GVP Extra Body Gel.
    Spring/Summer combos: Unsure since did the BC in Dec.

    Favorite styling techniques and why: Styling soaking wet w/o towel (less frizz), and defining curls with denman (more definition).
    Techniques that didn’t work and why: Finger combing bc it broke up my curls, kind of like picking out an afro. Finger curls bc it took too long. Flat twistout bc it also took too long. Twistout without securing the roots bc they would unravel.

    Multiple day hair: Damp Multi-Pineapple (hair is too short for reg. one), with baggy, and satin scarf. Dry multi-pineapple comes out too frizzy.
    -Mostly 3C with some 4A.
    -Currently APL.
    -Shorterm Goal: BSL by end of the year.
    -Longterm Goal: WL in 2 years.
    -Medium/coarse hair, Low Porosity, Low-Elasticity, Medium Density.


    Co-wash: Suave Naturals Cond. (any)
    Rinse Out: Tresemee Naturals Moisture
    DC: GVP Cond. Balm, SM DC, & EVOO
    Leave in: SM Conditioning Milk
    Sealant: EVOO Or Whipped Shea
    Gel: SM Curl Souffle

    Afro-Latinas...visit my blog!:
  • belwillcoilybelwillcoily Posts: 303Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Curl Pattern: Type 4 (mixture of 4b/4a)
    Texture: Medium
    Porosity: Low
    Density: High (Thick)
    Elasticity: Normal
    Characteristics: Though dense is lightweight and tends toward dryness. My hair needs water on it every single day.

    CG/ModCG/not CG: ModCG since I lo-poo once a week.

    Hair ingredient likes: Likes heavy conditioners
    enhanced with oils. Also likes aloe vera juice and loves water.

    Hair ingredient dislikes: 100% pure shea butter (creats a barrier that doesn't allow moisture to penetrate hair strands and I wind up with dry, greasy hair. :tongue6:), products with any type of wax (i.e. beeswax), products with high amounts of protein.

    Hard/Soft Water: Umm...whatever is in between hard and soft water? (Normal?) If I had to choose between the two, though, I'd say soft water for sure.

    HG/Go-to Products: Suave Naturals Mountain Strawberry (the old formula), Nature's Gate Hemp Nourishment, Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera Juice, KCKT, KCCC

    Average climate/dew points: High in the summer; sometimes low in the fall/winter (depending on whether we are having a mild fall/winter with warmer temps).

    Fall/Winter combos: Weekly RO, DT and LI (Suave Naturals, Nature's Gate Hemp Nourishment,
    KCKT). "Light" PT every 6 weeks. Spring/Summer combos: The only thing I may do differently when the weather warms up is add vegetable glycerin to some of my products.

    Favorite styling techniques and why: Styling hair soaking wet and loaded with LI and styler before putting in two strand twists or braids. This locks in moisutre for me.

    Techniques that didn’t work and why: Towel drying hair (towel fibers too rough on hair causing breakage and strips away too much moisture from my naturally dry tresses).
    Cleansing/conditioning without putting hair into sections first (creates snarls and tangles and a brutal detangling session where lots of hair breaks off).

    Multiple day hair: My hair likes to be left alone and manipulated as little as possible so I style once a week (usually in two strand twists; sometimes braids).
    :afro: Me Fascina El Pelo :afro:

    Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense
  • pprMACHEheartpprMACHEheart Posts: 1,665Registered Users
    Meet Bellatrix (that's what I've named my hair, yes after the harry potter character)

    Curl Pattern; 3b/3c (mostly 3c)
    Texture; medium/coarse
    Porosity; low
    Density; high
    Elasticity; Don't know (Is there a particular way to figure this out?)
    Characteristics; thick and unruly at times.

    CG/ModCG/not CG; ModCG; I use a low poo about once or twice a month, it all depends on how my scalp feels.

    Hair ingredient likes; aloe vera water/gel ( this is a fairly recent discovery)
    Hair ingredient dislikes: wheat protein and silk protein, incase you haven't noticed I'm protein sensitive. My hair can only take protein in small doses.

    Hard/Soft Water; Hard

    HG/Go-to Products; SheaMoisture Black Soap Shampoo, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, KCKT, KCCC

    Average climate/dew points; High dews in the summer, extremely low in the winter (It is NY I live in)

    Fall/Winter combos; Tresemme Naturals as a LI and Castor Oil as a selant for styles, as for WnG, wash out the RO, but not all the way. Then add some KCKT, seal with jojoba, then add KCCC.

    Spring/Summer combos; Wash, add condish, rinse out condish, add KCKT then KCCC.

    Favorite styling techniques and why; Detangling in the shower with my Tangle Teezer has changed my styling time outside the shower. Styling soaking wet hair, my hair acts better when it's wetter than when damp. It wants to do its own thing if it gets even slightly dry.I smooth my products in with the praying hands method as to avoid frizz.

    Techniques that didn’t work and why; N/A.

    Multiple day hair; The most wear I've ever gotten out of my WnG has been 6 days, which I think is pretty epic.
    last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
    high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
    condish;TN, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair stylers; Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Curl Cream oils;Castor Oil



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