Help! How do I determine how much product?!

So yesterday I went and bought KC Knot Today and KCCC. I was so excited about it! But I tried it out today and think I did it all wrong! I was reading things about frizziness and not using enough LI, so I put in a fair amount. Then I added the KCCC. After it sat for a bit, I touched my hair and it felt SOOOOO goopy. So I went and rinsed (just with water) and tried again, but with waaay less KCCC. When I rinsed my hair felt very dry and unhappy :( After doing it over, it just feel heavy and frizzy and sad. My hair isn't dry yet, but am I doing something wrong?! :sad6:

I used to use just a pinch of LI (non-CG), then switched to a spray gel... but I've never used this much, and it feel heavy and yucky.

How much is a good amount to use?! I have thin and fine hair, but it's frizzy and only looks and feels good right after it's dried. Any suggestions on what to do? I'd love to go see a stylist here, but I don't have the money, so I'm depending on your help!!
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    It's really different for everyone, unfortunately. That being said, I have some of the same issues you have whenever I use KCCC. It has been put aside on my shelf for the time being because there are too many other things that actually work well for me.

    I hope some of the KCCC users will have some good advice for you! Good luck!
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    You really just have to experiment. I think if you have fine hair, you should go with lighter weight products. KCCC is kinda heavy so maybe try using a lighter LI or just less of it
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    This is the million dollar question! For me I have to experiment with each and every new product I use to determine.

    I always apply on the side of more because I can always scrunch and keep touching my hair if I have too much. I am up the creek when I don't put enough in.

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    Is it possible to quantify the amounts you're using? "A fair amount" of KCKT doesn't tell me anything, but if you said you used a tablespoon or a teaspoon or a cup, I would get it. I have found with KCKT that I need a very small amount as a leave-in - maybe a half teaspoon for my whole head. And with KCCC, I use maybe that same amount, maybe 3/4 of a teaspoon. You don't need much of the Kinky Curly products, but even distribution is key for making them work.
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    I have very fine hair and find that using a little bit (a nickle size) of several different products gives me better curls than alot of one, with the exception of leave-in condish. For that I use a pea size. Then add a nickle size of curl enhancer and a nickle size of a jelly, sometimes 2 curl enhancers and then about a quarter size of a light weight gel like Angel. But keep in mind I have short hair, very fine but alot of it.

    But what keeps my hair at its best is DT's, at least once a week. Moisture with a little protein in the winter, Protein with a little moisture in the summer. If I don't do this, it doesn't matter what product I put in, my hair just doesn't do well.
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