my hair looks awesome when humid...

roccalumeraroccalumera Registered Users Posts: 51
Hi girls, I've noticed that my hair looks best when humid, they are incredibly defined and curly and I was wondering what should I do to make them look like this every day? What products to use or what type I mean more oil or humectants?
3a/b fine, ii, normal porosity I think...:geek:

Full CG start
Growing out....again:sad2:

now: chin lentgh
shoulder lentgh

Loves protein and YTC hair mask!



  • crrrazycurlycrrrazycurly Registered Users Posts: 22
    Wetting my hands (with water) and squeezing the hair works for me.
  • currrlygurrrlycurrrlygurrrly Registered Users Posts: 57
    I use a spray bottle and mist my hair lightly with water, then scrunch a little.... voila.... perfect curls (I use the wetting hands approach, too).
    3A,norm por,fine,norm elasticity
    Routine now is Jessicurl Cream Wash, Too Shea (also as a LI), Rocking Ringlets and Confident Curls (Really love this line!) Using Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Pomade as a sealer (great stuff)!!.
    Sleep overnight in CJ Repair Me & Deep Fix for deep conditioning. Also, I like the CJ Honey Butta as a LI/styler.

    CG since 09
  • fiscje02fiscje02 Registered Users Posts: 6
    You could try using a vaporizer in your room. That definitely increases the humidity.

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