No Frizz products/ingredients?

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I'm into my 4th month of transitioning and every time I do my twist outs or bantu knots and then take them out I get a lot of frizz. Are there any products that I can use to put on while doing my bantu knots or put on while taking the knots out?

Also, when i take down my bantu knots, my ends look pretty bad...anything I can use to help that?

thanks! =D
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Hair Type: 4a, I think
Still working on my hair regimen
Clarifying: Giovanni 50-50
Co-Wash: Tresemme Remoisturize Conditioner
DC: MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask
LI: KCKT/Mixed Silk
Moisturizer: Water, now trying Qhemet BRBC
Sealing: Jojoba oil, shea butter or burnt sugar pomade
Styling: EcoStyler


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