Anyone tried Olive Oil Treatment to repair Heat Damage??

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Hey ladies,

I read an article on Curly Nikki's site about how deep treatments don't really do anything for your hair. Some do, if you follow the directions on the back of the container. EH. I honestly feel that deep conditioners do their job for making the hair soft, but Im trying to repair my hair from this heat damage!

My hair is so tricky because I have soooo much healthy new growth, and non-damaged areas in the back. So I have to treat the smaller sections in the front that have the damage carefully so I wont mess up the healthies.

In my next attempt of repairing my hair from this darn heat damage, I am going to experiment and try applying olive oil to my hair. I heard olive oil is very nourishing!. . . plus it natural, so what the hell why not??

I'm going to apply the oil and try to cover each strand, comb thru and cover with a plastic cap and let it sit over night. Then do my normal wash routine. Maybe I might see some change in my limpy areas (crossing fingers)...

My heat damage is killin me over here! I want to just cut it off, but my hair will be so short! I'll update and let u gals know what happens...
HAIR GOAL: Grow out heat damage and have a complete head of healthy curls! :)

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    Olive oil will make your hair softer, but it doesnt have enough protein (if it even has any?) to repair heat damage. The only thing to my knowledge that can repair heat damage is a protein treatment. Even those only work so much, if youve done heavy duty PT's and that hair hasnt reverted its not going to, youve just got to be patient and grow it out or cut it off.

    At this point the protein treatments are just going to help prevent those damaged pieces from breaking, but like I said if they havent curled yet after multiple pts they probably arent.

    p.s. i see your signature says you use ao honeysuckle rose for protein, that is a moisturizing conditioner, I dont even think it has protein in it. The one with the protein is GPB & its great..
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