My hair IS 4a, right?

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O.o. My hair is 4a/b.. I think.

I have two sections that are spongy and curl up into about the size of the spring inside a pen... 4b right?

And then the rest of my hair is wavy... like, almost straight.. ( like, a section of hair was heat damaged from me using 200 degrees on a straightner O.o....) cottony hair. Although it is a cottony texture, my curl pattern classifies as 4a right?

At the very back, in my kitchen and a little above, I have silky textured coils. About the size of a drinking straw, maybe bigger, that curl easily, and stay curled without the aid of a gel. 4a, right?

From my understanding my hair is 80:20 4A:b.

Or does the cottony texture classify the wavy parts as 4c? D;.
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    Do you have a picture? I think that would help out.
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    Do you have a picture? I think that would help out.


    A picture is worth a thousand words. :)
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