I just did a post about how I did the BC a week ago. Well my other concern is moisturizing. I was told that the reason I had so much breakage during transition was because of lack of moisture. But I am always moisturizing my hair. Right now I am using Miss Jessie's curly Buttercreme, I've used castor oil, tea tree oil, cantu products, shea moisture and more. And it seems that no matter what, my hair is hard to the touch and looks/feels like a brillo pad. (I was told that you can scrub pots and pans with my hair) I know I am new to the natural hair, and it takes patience, but It's getting so frustrating.


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    Sounds like a low porosity issue. I'm not too sure, but maybe someone else may come up with a different reason for what you're hair is or in this case . . isn't doing.
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    Remember that oils don't moisturize...you're using a lot of oils. You need to moisturize first, then lock in the moisture with the oils to seal. You might be "sealing" OUT the moisture from your hair if you're hitting it with too many oils and not enough moisture underneath that.

    Just a theory....
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    i agree with curlylinzee, you may not be getting enough moisture.
    what moisturizers do you use for dt? for leave in?

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