How to moisturize while in a Transition/protective style

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I am thinking of getting a protective style like cornrows or something of that nature. When I do decide to get the braids I only plan to leave them up 2 weeks at the most (as of now depending on the advice i get) I have several questions:
How long can I leave my hair in this style?
What type of moisturizer would you recommend I out on my hair while in the cornrows?
Would i ever wash or co wash my hair while in the corn rows?

I am more than happy to take in any other advice as well. Tryin to be like a sponge and soak up some knowledge



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    I have not ever worn braids or cornrows. But, my recommendation would be for you to consult with a stylist at reputable salon. I don''t know where you reside, but even salons like JC Penney perform braiding/cornrowing services. In fact, I patronized two different JC Penney salons when I was wearing relaxers, and always received quality, professional service.
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    I've had cprnrows when I was younger. But from my experiences, the cornrows last for almost a month when I had them braided with extensions, so it won't frizz that quickly. But extensions could be a little bit irritating for your scalp, if you're prone to synthetic hair. Without the extensions it lasted a little longer than a week. But I guess that depends on how often you wet or cowash your hair, cause I wet my hair every single day. Maybe if you cowash it twice a week, it probably could last for two weeks. It also depends on you hair structure, like spongy or cottony hair frizzes up faster than silky hair I guess. I think it's good to use a moisturizing spray/spritz, because it's easier to get between the strands. And then an oil on top to seal it in.
  • naturallyunaturallyu Registered Users Posts: 7
    I wear cornrows occasionally and I believe that two weeks is the maximum time I would keep them in too. Most often I take them out only after a week. This is just my personal decision. But, you can moisturize with braid spray. I tend to use braid spray as a moisturizer even when I do not wear braids. They tend to have very good ingredients for natural/transitioning hair. I typically do not wash my cornrows during the time they are in. I usually braid my own hair and at the end of the week I wash, deep condition and restyle. HTH.
  • maybeintimemaybeintime Registered Users Posts: 6
    im thinking about using goddess braids for transitioning to natural since my relaxed hair is just breaking off sadly but my new growth is just coming in. i was thinking about leaving them for a month. what braid spray do you use?

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