transitioning roadblocks :/

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sooo Its been over a week and im super surprised at the improvement already.... the only issue is I'm a dancer and i have to apply major hair products at times that contain silicones and are absolutely gross things.... after i use those do I just have to clarify my hair....? and does it have to be with a sulfate shampoo?? any major hairsprays or hard gels that would be usable instead?
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I'm a product junky but my current favorites: organix tea tree and mint poo, giovanni tea tree shampoo,suave coconut cond, tressemee naturals, biolage balm, l'oreal vive pro, knot today!!!, pantene curly gel, activator gel, kccc, fantasia polishing serum


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    Natural gel most curlies here use are aloe vera gel, flax seed gel, or Kinky Curly Curling Custard ( I use this to slick down my buns and edges from time to time) which can be purchased at Target.

    The only way to get cones out of your hair is through a shampoo that contains sulfates. Sucks . . but that's the way things are.

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